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Our sales service is completed by supply chain management as well: We make sure that your orders arrive in the right place at the right time. Upon request, we also provide training courses, to learn specific knowledge for implementation and technical information on the function of the products. Installation and maintenance training: You and your team will learn how to ensure lowest cost of ownership to protect your investments.

Our Trainings

The SISON installation training starts with a preparatory theoretical part. The theoretical part deals with basics on how to select tubing, allowable working pressures and burst pressures dependent on material and working conditions. Features of various tube fitting designs will also be discussed as well as tubing routing and other topics as required and/or upon request.

After the theoretical part, the practical part involves active implementation: tube bending, fitting installation and burst test.

The SISON Installation Training takes 6 hours for small groups (a maximum of six participants at one course). After having successfully passed the theoretical exam and the practical part, the participants obtain a certificate attesting their performance.

Supply Chain Management

For many years, we have operated consignment inventory for large OEM customers. Together with the client, we define maximum and minimum quantities. We jointly assess turnover rate and reordering quantities. On site, we monitor parts in and out at certain intervals of time and refill parts dependent on usage. Continuous analysis allow to optimize the processes ongoing.

Our supply chain management services is invoiced monthly by summary bill.


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