High-pressure applications pose particular challenges to instrumentation elements. With respect to high-pressure products, SISON provides both high-pressure valves and high-pressure fittings with special quality features and working pressures up to 60.000 psi. High Pressure Applications also ask for the full range of Fluid System Components. Shut Off, Regulate, Metering, Filtration, Pressure relief and definitely Fittings. At SISON you’ll find the complete FITOK range of High Pressure Products.

High Pressure Quick Connects

4 different series of O-Ring sealed High Pressure Quick Connects. Full flow or with integrated Shut Off Valve. Cv 0,53 - 8,2

Serie HQP, Serie HQB, Serie HQS, Serie HQC

High Pressure Inline Filter

The Dual Disc design prevents clogging of smaller pore size filter due to upstream prefilter.
Example shown: Dual Disc design Filter orifice 4,8mm 35/65 micron nominal


High Pressure Sour Gas Service

The product range for High Pressure Sour Gas applications according NACE MR0175 includes Fittings, Tubing and Valves in numerous designs. Max Working Pressure up to 4137bar.
Example shown: High Pressure Bleed Valve Orifice 2,4mm


High Pressure Manifolds

High Pressure Manifolds Needle- or Ball Valve design. Pressures up to 2068bar Orifice 2,4mm or 6mm

High Pressure Relief Valves

HSR; HMR and HAR Series applicable for liquid or gas service. Set Pressure adjustable up to 4137 bar Temperature range minus 79°C to 204°C.
Example shown: 9/16" resp. 3/4" High Pressure Relief Valve 690-1379bar


High Pressure Metering Valves

Flow coefficient adjustable between 0,005 and 0,04.
Example shown: 1/4" with Vernier PTFE sealed 15.000 psi (1.034bar)


High Pressure Check Valves

4 pressure ranges in 2 different Valve designs grant ideal compatibilty for demanding applications.
Examples shown: 1/4" High Pressure Check Valves for 60.000 psi (4.137 bar) O-Ring sealed (C series) metal to metal sealed (CO series)


High Pressure Needle Valves

Metal to metal sealed, replaceable valve seats as well as selection of 4 different packing materials grant high lifetime.
Examples shown: 9/16" High Pressure Needle Valve Straight Flow Pattern for 20.000 psi (1.379 bar) respectively 60.000 psi (4.137bar)

20NSS-FH9-HT1, 60NSS-FH9-TG3

High Pressure Ball Valves

High Pressure Ball Valves 10B Series 10.000 psi(690 bar) 15B 15.000 psi (1.034 bar) and 20B 20.000 psi (1.379 bar) available in 2- or 3-Way Flow Pattern pneumatically actuated optional.
Example shown: 3/4" 2-Way High Pressure Ball Valve Female Thread 20.000 psi = 1.379 bar


Tools and Installation Instructions

This instruction includes all required tools and explains in detail professional installation.

High Pressure Adapters and Couplings

All conceivable transitions from various high pressure connections to NPT, JIS etc ...

High Pressure Pipe Fittings

The product offering on High Pressure Pipe Fittings includes from Plugs to Hex Nipples to Crosses the full range following 7 thread standards. Available in 15 shapes and 9 different Connection Types for Working Pressures up to 690 bar

60 Series 60000psi

60 Series max. Working Pressure up to 4.137bar Temperaturerange minus 252°C to 649°C Tubing OD 1/4"; 3/8" and 9/16"

20 series 20000psi

Metal to Metal seal to be applied from vacuum to max. Working Pressures of 1.379bar 1/4" to 1"

15 Series 15000psi

High Pressure Fittings DHL Series Double Ferrule Design, easy to install with wrenches


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