High Pressure Trunion Ball Valves for Low Temperature Service

Trunion Ball Valves Serie  BF (pages B-04 and following) now available for Low Temperature Service. Special FKM O-rings in combination with PEEK, PCTFE or PTFE seats allow working pressures up to 260 bar between minus 40°C and plus 120°C.  To order a valve for Low Temperature Service add -LT as a suffix at the end of the valve ordering number. 

Example: BFSS-FL4-P-LT determines 2-way Ball Valve endconnnections ¼“ Double Ferrule Fitting, PEEK seat, Cv 1,6
Make use of the Cv-Calculator on SISON webpage Online Tools to calculate flowrate for various fluids. Online Tools do offer a lot more of helpful tools.


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