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Every day you’re challenged by more and more demanding issues. You’re asked for costreduction, improved product features  on more and more sophisticated products. On top oft hat: Time constraints. All should be done at the same time, it’s almost impossible to keep pace. Continous improvement is key. It needs Certifications and measurable success.
SISON will help you with in more than 20 years aquired expertise, with our commitment  - we care about your „pains“ even if perceived as neglectable. We listen to your special requirements and act. You can rely on me and my team. Competence and Excellence in technical questions. You will get immediate, trusted, specific information and prompt reliable shipments. Prices are attractive, the warehouse carries carefully selected products at sufficient quantities. Our partners value SISON’s flexibility and personal communication.

What’s driving us? We want to improve SISON‘s market perception. It’s our independent spirit which drives us. Less formalities – more heart. The energy  to challenge the longstanding, the courage to go for the new, unproven but promising. We listen to you – our thoughts are free. More personal, more honest – joyous on success.

All these right before mentioned relevent benefits for you need to be communicated more effective and clear. SISON’s distinction needs to be more specific, better visible. We need to express our goals and values clear and „loud“. And we need to stay to be problemsolver whenever  applications are complex. 
We listened well. All the above noted is the summary of a widespread survey on SISON customers  and prospects in summer last year.

Result: The new SISON webpage, now online in English too. From today on. Clear identity, comprehensive, recognizable navigation. Structured, selfexplaining, easy and simple return to main page  from any subpage or datasheet. Consistent, simple design, relevant Key Topics, Online Tools including Units Calculator, Pressure Regulator Configurator, How To videos, CAD Templates, Search Function and a lot more. Enhanced for mobile devices. Millennials, decision makers of today and tomorrow extensively use Smartphones and/or Tablets and they do expect same user comfort as if using a Desktop.

Please click on downbelows pictures to gain  first impression about the new SISON webpage.
Clear, compact and detailled information. Please share your impressions with us – send brief Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call +43 2233 52 439. I’m happily looking forward to appreciation as well as to additional ideas or critical comments.


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